NPR, I adore you, but...

… I simply cannot abide your book choices.

Why is this?

Day after day, I’ll hear book reviews on NPR, and they’re never books I want to read. It’s puzzled me for years.

And their “best novels of 2011” list contains not a single thing that I even liked. 

I read only one of these books (State of Wonder by Ann Patchett), and it was not my favorite thing. And three of these books I started and was not in the mood to finish (The Marriage Plot, The Art of Fielding, and The Submission).

So I was just about to renounce all NPR book choices for all time, when this little gem popped up on Facebook: NPR’s list of 2011’s best celebrity tell-alls

Now that’s my kind of list.

I’ve read only one of them so far (Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe), but I’ve just added some of the others to my TBR.

Low brow at all? 

Guilty as charged.


Bybee said...

Their picks didn't thrill me, either.

Unruly Reader said...

Bybee -- Glad it's not just me.

Pam said...

I heard The Marriage Plot wasn't that good anyway, so you probably saved yourself a few hours you'd never get back! :)

Unruly Reader said...

Pam -- That's good to hear! I love saving time.