iPhone: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

First, here’s the confession. I’ve techno-lusted for an iPhone since way before I bought my Droid a few years back. But the Droid seemed sensible (why? I don’t remember why), so that’s the way I went.

But for last year’s trip to the Netherlands, I needed a 4G phone, and that meant: upgrade.

And earlier that same week, some good people had been telling me about this amazing iPhone-only app, which I realized I needed in order to experience true happiness in life.

So: I got what I’d wanted all along. And I believe it was sweeter for the wait.
The thing is: The iPhone can do everything except wash the windows, but the thing don’t come with a manual.

Hence, this book. It’s a mere 500 pages in length, and it tells you everything the phone can do. And it’s rather mind-boggling, actually. And fully half of the features I’ll probably never use, but it’s nice to know they’re there.             

The stuff I will use: information about how to take better photos, how to edit photos, how to save websites to read even if you’re offline, and how to deal with Siri. (Me: “Set an 8 a.m. alarm.” Siri: “For what time shall I set your ‘damn’ alarm today?”)

And I went through and added photos to some of my favorite contacts, and that was just fun.

So even if you think you know every last thing about your iPhone, I’m guessing you’ll still find some good stuff in this book.

(I’d’ve included a photo of my iPhone, except my iPhone is my camera.)


Susan Bybee said...

I'm due for an upgrade. I want this! Siri reminds me that I went to high school with a girl named that.

Unruly Reader said...

I like Siri lots, especially when she gets peevish because she senses I'm being cheeky. (I'm never cheeky to Siri.)