Self-... what?

The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons fron Extraordinary Lives by Katie Couric

OK, so here’s me, reading any self-help book: “Profound! So simple, yet so meaningful…” 

Then, one week later: “...What was that book about, again?”

So yeah. I’m running true to form here.

I listened to the audiobook, and I liked it plenty. Couric contacted a whole passel of famous people and asked them to write a short essay on the best advice they ever received. 

And some of the essays are actually great. And a few of them I had to fast-forward through because they were so self-congratulatory I wanted to hurl. But most of them contained some darn good advice.

Which I promptly forgot.

But here are the few things that I jotted down in time, so they weren’t lost forever.

“Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.”—General David Petraeus 
[I’ll refrain from commenting about his personal ethics, though I’m sorely tempted to do so.] Basically, this one’s about learning new things and taking risks and being OK with the discomfort of trying something unfamiliar. And I've been getting some practice in this realm, and I like it.     

This one made me gasp: “Treat yourself as well as you treat others.”—Gloria Steinem. 
Yeah, some of us have some work to do there.

And here’s my favorite line, from Couric herself: “We have an obligation to find and give joy.” As responsibilities go, that’s one I can happily embrace.


Susan Bybee said...

I have the same problem with self-help books. Unless they are of the diet/nutrition variety.

Unruly Reader said...

Relieved it's not just me...