Nonfiction November: Choosing the books

It’s Week 2 of Nonfiction November, and Rachel poses these questions about choosing nonfiction.
What are you looking for when you pick up a nonfiction book? Do you have a particular topic you’re attracted to? Do you have a particular writing style that works best? When you look at a nonfiction book, does the title or cover influence you? If so, share a title or cover which you find striking.
In my reading life, nonfiction is first about the voice, then about the topic. I’m looking for a narrative voice that I like, and usually it’s conversational and casual. Overly fussy, complicated sentences leave me cold. I think this is why I full-on love books by journalists — they know how to keep it punchy.
I’m wide open to nonfiction books on nearly any topic, as long as the book is written in this style. (This is why you’ll find me reading books about sports and science.)
But these are the topics that get me every time:
(Those last two pair interestingly, huh?)
While I don’t avoid a book with a crummy cover, man do I ever get pulled in by a great cover. The one that immediately grabbed my attention this year was this one:
… a book I apparently can’t stop talking about. Given the topic of the book (an Olympic swimmer who practices Buddhism), the book cover is perfectly perfect.
What are the nonfiction topics you can’t resist?